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Customized Startups Development

You have got an idea of an interesting startup but you don’t know how to implement it?
We are ready to help you.


We have a good understanding between a development and a creation of a new startup. With us you won’t need to look for any other company and to get deep into a technical details.


Our company possesses the unique experience of startup development jointly with our customers. That is why our specialists are ready to provide all the necessary things for embodiment of your idea into life:

  • Elaboration of startup concept
  • Analysis of technical abilities and limitations of the platform
  • Design of user interface
  • Design and visual presentation
  • Programming
  • Creation of a promo site, info and reference materials
  • Development and integration of solutions for accounting finances and support of users
  • Support of a startup at the moment of its generation, further development of the project

You will be engaged into what you should — building business on the basis of the startup to be created. We undertake to do all the rest.

Due to our solid experience in the field of web industry we will consult you on issues of monetization, Internet promotion, attracting and retaining customers, as well as on other related matters. Certainly, each project is unique but in most cases it will allow avoiding excess costs for engagement of marketing experts at the initial development phase.


All startup projects are absolutely unique, so it is difficult to single out a general action algorithm. Yet there are some common features:

First of all, in case of each startup it is important to be based on needs of final consumers: to give all needed and cutoff all unwanted. Do not waste time on secondary details. Do main things only.

Don’t try to do all at once. It is important to appear on market gradually, and at the same time to take into account users’ feedback. Quite often, at the beginning it is rationally just to launch a small-scaled prototype and try out the idea. After that the course may be corrected.

Following these simple rules, you will be able to avoid many sudden traps which most of debutant startupers and private investors of IT projects are getting into.


We are ready to help you in formation of a statement of work, prioritizing of tasks and the technical side of interaction with users. It goes without saying that the final decision is always up to you.



A good startup is not just a correctly chosen idea and high-quality realization. It is important always to remember that for the startup to last, it should be constantly upgraded and improved. That is why it is very important from the very beginning of the project to build a full-rate operating business from the on-setting startup, the business which will gain profits and develop together with its market.

We are ready to become your guide on this difficult path, and we will help to support the project on a permanently high technological level, despite changing requirements of users and technologies which change each other quickly.


We grant you the rights for the created intellectual property

Examples of startups created under our tactful guidance: see Portfolio section.

Do you have a project? We are here to help!