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Miorama is a redefinition of the traditional video content concept. The project implements the idea of interactive video that allows the user to interact with the content and not just to view it, and provides a powerful online platform for creating interactive videos.

The project connects numerous modern technologies of presenting video content, and combines simple and powerful tools for creating and delivering interactive content.


Web service functionality

Microsoft Kinect or Intel RealSense 3D cameras were used for creating videos. The interactive video is created directly in the web browser. Immediately after recording, the video is available for viewing. It may be published on your channel or shared in social networks, or at your website.


With Miorama you can:

  • Create video content faster,
  • Keep contact with your audience,
  • Increase revenues,
  • Reduce costs and time to multimedia content production, and
  • Create videos online together with your colleagues.

Multimedia portal

Miorama Labs

The Miorama portal contains all videos created by the users. Some of these videos are available for free. You can also publish them for particular persons, or using a link. The created videos are published in private or group channels.


A proprietary player with interactivity support is used for viewing videos. Each element used in the video is interactive. The map can come to life under the mouse cursor, and the 3D model may be viewed from all sides directly in the player.

Platform for online video creation

Platform for online video creation

The Miorama recorder is the heart of the project. All interactive videos available on the portal are created in this web application. The recorder is a graphical design kit. It makes it possible to create and edit scenes. Each scene consists of a background, background music and a set of widgets. The system has many features that aid the presenter, for example, teleprompter. Complete gesture control is also possible without approaching the computer: toggling scenes, moving widgets around the stage, etc.

Projects and scenes are stored on the server, and may be shared. Scenes are the main elements for creating a video. Many scenes may be reused in different videos. Scenes are your virtual studios.

One of the main Miorama's features is the ability to hide the background behind the person. It's like shooting against a green screen, but without the green screen itself. It may be used in the street, while sitting in a park, or in any other natural environment. Only you and the stage around you remain. A Microsoft Kinect or Intel RealSense 3D camera is required for supporting this function.

Miorama Client

Some of the functions used in the Miorama Recorder are executed in the Miorama Client, a special application of the operating system. The main reason why this functionality was placed in a separate desktop application is that video processing, and compression in particular, is a resource-intensive task when high performance must be ensured, and browsers are not yet capable of performing such demanding tasks as fast as the native applications.

The Miorama Client is installed in the operating system and performs the role of a bridge between the recorder and the physical video capturing devices: Microsoft Kinect or Intel RealSense, traditional camera with a chromakey.

About Miorama


Development of Miorama became possible thanks to the support from our partners who gave access to early technological prototypes of three-dimensional video cameras, and provided active technical support in developing the startup.


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