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"With pleasure" startup

"With pleasure" is a unique software package that makes it possible to study English in the shortest possible time, thanks to the proprietary technology of training created by our customer. This startup is a wonderful demonstration of cooperation according to the “Your Idea - Our Implementation" model.

The goal

Developing a software product for teaching English with the use of a unique proprietary technology.


While working with the "With Pleasure" project, we developed a complete set of software modules, namely:

  • The program for English training for users
  • The information web portal about the project
  • The editor for training courses
  • The administration panel intended for managing training courses, users and discounts, as well as for keeping and analyzing statistics

In course of developing a startup for mass market, it is always important to pay utmost attention to how the product looks like. Therefore, the process of working on the project started with developing and prototyping the interface of the future program.

In creating the interface, we primarily focused on making the design intuitive, and thus high conversion has been achieved, and a core of regular users has been formed.

The next step is developing a training module that includes various types of exercises (there are already 12 at this moment). All exercises are focused on different methods of memorizing language (video, audio, text translation, etc.), and the application is built in such a way that new types of exercises can be added in a quick and convenient way.


The application itself is free for users, however, the project features direct monetization. How come? This result has been achieved thanks to the availability of a system for downloading paid content: initially, the userdownloads the shell of the training application; then, using the shell, he/she downloads the training courses of interest. The training courses may be both free and paid. A similar monetization model is used, for example, in Apple App Store for iPhone.

If the user wishes to download several paid courses simultaneously, the application features another convenient payment model, namely, subscription. Having prepaid the subscription for a year (or another period), one can use absolutely all paid features of the software without any restrictions until the end of the subscription period.

The inner part

We always try to create products that are useful not only for the end users; much attention is paid to the development of a control panel in the system and internal SW that will be used by the customer. In the “With Pleasure!” startup, the following modules are available in the admin panel:

  • Training courses management
  • Promotions management
  • News management
  • Users management
  • Website pages editor
  • Information about customers' payments and tariffs
  • Messages from the feedback form
  • Statistics about customers' messages about errors in training courses (statistics is collected automatically from the application)

The startup history does not end with the process of its creation, it only starts! The project is being actively developed; our experts constantly add new training modes, additional features and new functionalities.

You can view the application and download it from the www.hanker.ru website www.hanker.ru

The outcome of the startup development

  1. The customer has received a unique product that meets all his requirements.
  2. Thanks to flexible monetization system, the application is very popular, and the number of users is constantly growing.
  3. he project is not at standstill; it is being continuously developed and acquires new functionality.

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